• Jeremy

Game Jam Dev Diary - Week 3

This week was very productive for myself and the team as we attempted to get our project through alpha.

Firstly, we decided that to tackle the narrative constraints of the game, we would research how other games have tackled the same issue. We discovered that there were a few instances of games utilising comic book panels to serve as cutscenes. We decided to use this method to portray a narrative and one of the artists drafted a panel together.

Next, we had to design the enemy characters and determine what behaviours they exhibit. We narrowed down some concept sketches down to six distinct designs, then began on making models for those designs.

Then, we continued to try and nail the aesthetic of the game, with artists rendering some environmental materials

A basic UX flow was then made to outline the menu system and what the player will experience

Then all elements that had been created this far were thrown together to get a working prototype ready

Following feedback after our presentation on the prototype, there were lots of changes that needed to be implemented for next week:

The game idea isn't fun. We were given the suggestion to make something similar to Smash TV. This would also help to lean towards our theme of inequality.

Our statements were not made clear in our presentation and were out of order

More context needs to be put into the narrative, since we are unsure if the comic will be completed in time, we have the option of creating propaganda posters as a form of environmental storytelling


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