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Game Jam Dev Diary - Week 2

After a meeting at the beginning of the week, our original ideas were expanded upon and narrowed down to more concise elements. We decided to scrap the see saw concept and focus primarily on researching ideas for the other three before receiving feedback.

We assembled the problems we will face for the upcoming week which were:

What ethical and moral consideration will we need to take?​

What ideas we can throw together to fit the theme?​

Is the idea feasible?​

Is the idea marketable?​

What is the chosen game's target audience?​

What will the game look like?

After some research into these problems, we settled upon the procedural Roguelike with the weapon that decreases in power after every use and the spawn probability of enemy characters increases after each room is completed.

Our research showed that the single player platformer was feasible, but wasn't marketable, as any instances of similar games either didn't sell well or were unpopular among consumers. The stealth platformer had more promise, being both feasible and marketable, but we realised that inequality only applies to the narrative and our game should not rely on that to create an engaging experience.

The first glaring issue with the Roguelike concept is that it needed to be feasible. My lead programmer successfully managed to put a prototype together which generated a critical path of rooms. This would serve as a strong base for the concept.

After we could ensure this mechanic was possible, we began concepting the designs of enemy characters and the player character. Starting with research, we narrowed our ideas down by the end of the week to some of the following:

Enemy characters

Player character

These concepts helped us determine that we wanted to appeal to a younger audience through the art style, but also appeal to other people through the game's mechanics. We also decided on an elevator statement, which is:

"Mr. Legs is a randomly generated beat-'em-up where players control a legless robot on his quest to find escape... and legs! Every experience is unique, with different levels, enemies and items for the player to find. Play with caution, as Mr. Legs' rusty weapon becomes weaker each time you use it."​

Next on the agenda is to get the game through alpha, so we must continue researching to get the most out of this game, create all placeholder art to demonstrate the mechanics, but not the completed art, complete the procedural mechanic by June 11th, or else strongly consider scrapping it, ensure all other mechanics are functional, including any secondary features we'd like and all the AI of the enemy types and build the project to show at our next presentation on June 13th.


Video explaining characteristics that people find cute

Video about feedback loops in games

Reference of stealth gameplay in third person games

Reference to large robot character

Reference to estimated sales of Invisible Inc., a stealth platformer

Video on the pros and cons of procedural generation

Environment reference 1

Environment reference 2

Environment reference 3


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