• Jeremy

Game Jam Dev Diary - Week 1

At the beginning of the week, we had already assembled our teams. My team consists of the following:

Designers: Jeremy

Artists: Dudley, Jade, Susie and Toby

Programmers: Abdallah (Bib) and Henrique

During the week, we were given our theme - Inequality.

This had all of our minds racing for possible ideas that could encompass this idea, both mechanically and thematically. After a two hour brainstorming session, we had a mind map of possible elements and ideas

From this, came a few different ideas that we though had some merit and link to the them we were given. these included:

- A stealth platformer set in a dystopian society where you are a sentient robot in a human world

- A single player platformer game where players control a rogue robot, while the game's AI gradually gains back control of the robot over time

- A procedurally-generated Roguelike where the power of weapons increase/decrease over time

- A two player game where the goal is for one player to have their side of a see-saw nearest to the ground after a set time

We began researching these ideas to see how viable they are as a creative and business ventures.


Video about dystopian fiction

Reference for features of robot player character

Reference to show how a robot character might look while hovering in mid-air

Pinterest board of player character inspirations

A reference of different kinds of 'punk' genres we could use

Reference to a robot on one wheel

Reference for robot character design

Demonstration of a caterpillar track (made by Henrique)

Reference to robot characters in Nier: Automata


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