• Jeremy

Dev Diary - 7th April 2019

This week, I was delighted to be able to solve the problems I had with my prototype level and have that part of production completed, albeit later than planned. This has now allowed me to continue construction the various levels my game will have, so that is the next step of production for the project.

I have also dabbled with creating my game's UI. I have added three stars, but have been unable to implement them effectively in a way that renders them depending on how many stars have been collected by the player.

I've also made a small amount of progress towards my postmortem presentation, adding summaries of the dev diaries from previous weeks as a foundation. I will be adopting a structure similar to that of my previous presentations - a week by week breakdown of my design process, followed by a reflection on the quality of both my design and my production.

The goals for next week are to have designs for all twelve of my levels, even if they haven't been built in unity and to have at least one of my extra mechanics working in the engine (travelators, trampoline, enemy characters etc).


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