• Jeremy

Dev Diary - 31st March 2019

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

This week, multiple extraneous commitments have resulted in a poor week in terms of productivity. Despite these setbacks, my time at University this week has taught me a few animation techniques that will be handy in the future, but aren't applicable to my current project.

As far as my Trello Board is concerned, I have added some simple, overall tasks that need to be completed, including creating sprites and individual level designs.

What little time I have managed to commit towards this project has been fruitless, with any attempt to finish my prototype level has resulted in at least one mechanic not functioning properly. This is incredibly frustrating because I feel I cannot strip back any more features while achieving my desired grade. I will continue to work on the prototype until I leave University for Easter break. If I'm unsuccessful in finishing it, I will need to drastically scale back my project, an option which I do not want to take unless absolutely necessary.


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