• Jeremy

Dev Diary - 24th March 2019

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Following the action plan for week two, I continued to try and finish my prototype level as a proof of concept. I have successfully implemented the rotation mechanic for my player sprite, but I've been unsuccessful in adding code that would add another square to the player object. I have decided to give myself to another week to try and implement this and if I'm still unsuccessful, I will change the idea to only include specific shapes at the start of each level, reducing the scope of the project.

During University hours, I have been learning how to effectively use assets and GameObjects within Unity. Luckily, most of my extracurricular work with the engine has made me familiar with these concepts and has confirmed that I've been working with these aspects correctly.

Towards the end of this week, I have struggled to make much forward progress, leading me to add contingencies in the event that I'm unable to implement the mechanics that I want to, such as the idea of scrapping the combination mechanic and using one specific player sprite in each level.

Throughout he first few weeks of this assignment, I have also struggled to keep on top of the production tasks associated with the project, so on top of finally completing my prototype level, I must complete a Trello board which outlines my completed and upcoming tasks.


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