• Jeremy

Dev Diary - 21st April 2019

This week, I aimed to complete my twelve levels and all mechanics within them. I have created 8 of these levels at an aesthetic level, but have struggled to code certain mechanics within them, specifically a platform that moves back and forth, ferrying the player across the level. This is frustrating, since this is a simple mechanic and has been covered in previous lectures I have attended. I have managed to include spikes which can either fall from above after a trigger is activated or be placed in a pitfall, with the level resetting when the player collides with it. I have also included an open pit that produces the same effect.

While building this levels, I have realised that my difficulty curve may not be as smooth as I intend. To counteract this, I will be forming a questionnaire for my University colleagues to complete after playing each of my levels, either rating each level in terms of difficulty or ordering them from easiest to most difficult. Using this data, I can tweak my levels to provide a better difficult curve. The presentation included in my assignment is in a skeletal form, with a breakdown of each week being included and following the timeline of these diaries.

All levels must be completed by next week, ready to show off to lecturers and colleagues when I return on April 30th. I must have a more fleshed out presentation, including all important aspects from these diaries.


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