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Dev Diary - 17th March 2019

Following last week's post, I jumped straight in an started constructing a prototype level that I could use to showcase my idea. Up to this point, I have designed a simple level and added a player sprite and an additional block that the player is supposed to attach their sprite to.

Unfortunately, I have only been able to execute coded that has the correct collision detection and gravity on all object, and also allows the player sprite to move and jump correctly. There are still multiple mechanics that need to be implemented, including:

· Attaching the player sprite to other sprites

· Rotating sprites while in mid-air

· Adding an exit door

· Adding a mechanic that unlocks the door

· Implementing the star system

Here is the C# code I have for the player movement and jumping:

From the lectures I attended this week, I have learned how to make reusable assets in Unity, including making sprite sheets and texture atlases and animating each one in the engine.

Next week, I aim to get the prototype level completed and depending on how successful that is, I may alter my idea to make it a more realistic project, given the timeframe I have to complete it.

Hours worked:


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