• Jeremy

Dev Diary - 14th April 2019

This week, I have chosen to adopt a different set of tasks, focusing on learning about the various UI elements I will require within my game. I have successfully created a main menus, with hover and click effects on the various buttons, but I have yet been unable to make the menu direct to a different menu or level upon clicking one of its buttons. I am confident that this will be a quick and easy fix, so that will be first on the list of upcoming tasks for the next week.

I have streamlined my code so it can be implemented in an easier way, requiring less adjustment when creating each individual level and I have a total of three levels completed, with a sprite for each tetromino fully imported with correct collision boxes and scripts.

Next week, I aim to complete the same tasks I set myself last week, completing all twelve of my levels and incorporating my different mechanics within them.


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