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Dev Diary - 10th March 2019

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

For my next assignment, I have been tasked with creating a 2D puzzle-platformer in Unity. In preparation for this assignment, I have progressively been learning to code using C#, the language used in Unity. I have grasped the basic bulding blocks of the language, whil also successfully creating a program which puts out the numbers 1-100 in the style of FizzBuzz.

When deciding upon the first idea for my game, inspiration struck during a routine discussion with a University colleague. While discussing the release of Tetris 99 with them, I birthed the concept of a Tetris-style platformer, where players would build a shape consisting of four square blocks (known as Tetrominoes) and using a specific shape to solve puzzles and unlock doors.

I began by writing a list of mechanics and other materials that I might use for the game. The current list reads as follows:

· Fyris – possible name?

· ‘Become the key that unlocks the door’ - X Statement

· Tetris meets Super Mario Bros meets Thomas Was Alone - Elevator Statement

In the brief

· Different world types a la Super Mario (Grassland, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Ice world, Fire world, Boss etc.)

· Ability to jump

· Enemies which can be stopped by jumping on them

· Enemies must have set paths

· Pitfalls/dropping platforms/water platforms/spikes/travellators

· Star system (put stars in level or give them based on performance?)

· WASD/Spacebar control scheme (extra button for dismantling?)

· Wall jump/platforms that require a specific shape to jump on

· Menu system

Should have

· Start each level with a single square

· Collect extra squares to make a Tetris-style shape (Tetrominoes)

· Doors are unlocked by inserting a shape into a slot with the same negative space

· Enemies that must be avoided by using alternate routes/blocking view (may require specific shape(s))

· Invisible tutorial

· Narrative

· Look at inspiration games (Super Meat Boy, Thomas Was Alone)

· Simplistic character and platforms sprites

· Objectives that affect score and star rating

· Appropriate physics (e.g. an L-shaped can only stay on a platform one-tile wide with the edge of a three-tile wide shape

· Thematically appropriate music and sound effects

Could have

· Players can dismantle their shape to fix mistakes and make multiple shapes in one level (maybe with button)

· Life system

· Falling spikes that require a specific shape to be avoided

· Ability to rotate shape while on platform or in mid-air

· Parallax scrolling

· Level timer

· Screen shake and other animations for game feel

· Detailed world sprites

· High score system

· Weather effects for each world

· Physics effects for each world

· Cinematics

· Boss levels that have negative spaces for players to fill to defeat them (possibly with multiple stages)

The name Fyris derives from the original naming convention of Tetris, which takes its name from tetra, meaning four in Greek. Fyris comes from fyra, which is four in Swedish.

I have also begun preemptively learning the ins and outs of the engine, following YouTube tutorials from the YouTube channel Brackeys. I've also followed a Photoshop tutorial which will help me to effectively create a Tetris shape in a similar style to some of the released Tetris titles.

My goal by this time next week is to create a crude prototype level which has the basic mechanics (correct movement, jumping etc). I'll also look into making some simple sprites that I can import.

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